(it won the first prize in 2009 in Naples as Best buffalo cheese under the name "Bufadelfia" )

A fresh, spreadable cheese made with Buffalo Milk, pasteurized.
Curd is obtained by the action of lactic bacteria, without rennet.
Then, after draining of whey during 48 hours, it is processed and salted, and packed in small trays (150gr)
some herbs may then be added, such as Chives or a mixture of Hot Chili Pepper and Garlic, and many others on request.
Shelf life is 30 days.
Bufadelfia, in spite of its creamy texture, is a low fat cheese: only 16% fat
It has a rich but delicate flavor and can be even used for breakfast, with that much loved orange marmalade...
Or, it may melt in a warm soup, giving the pleasure of crème fraiche without giving the fat of crème fraiche